Viewpoints Lijst STERK

From May 16 to 20, 2022, the elections for the Hanze Representation Council will take place. Below are the positions of our candidate group. The standpoints of the election program serve as the common thread for the actions of the fraction, they are committed to box as much as possible for each other. The positions are divided into seven themes that are very important to the group and to Lijst STERK as a whole. Do you agree with these themes? Then vote for Lijst STERK in the coming elections. Below are our themes for you!

Flexible studying

After two years of online education and limited opportunities to develop yourself alongside your studies, it is more important than ever to have the space for self-development. Students need freedom of choice to be able to develop themselves and thus become the best professional they can be. Only then can a student optimally share his or her talents with the world.

Key points in a row:

  • Blended education is the future; 
  • Own study time, own responsibility.

Student well-being

The corona pandemic has played a major factor in student well-being. Students experience various psychological complaints such as loneliness, depression and motivation problems. These complaints are exacerbated by the performance pressures experienced by students. It is important that students can focus more on their development during their studies and less on the duration of their studies. In addition, students sometimes do not know who they can turn to when they are struggling with these psychological symptoms.  Therefore, Lijst STERK argues for more attention to this issue, so all students can focus on their development and they can easily obtain appropriate help.

Key points in a row:

  • No study stress;
  • Better communication student support. 

Active student community

Student life is buzzing, students once again have the opportunity to broaden their horizons beyond their studies in a broad spectrum from rowing to theater. Many students are actively enriching their period of study with interaction at student organizations. Supporting an active student community is important for student development. Recognizing this and responding to it to improve and broaden education should be seen as essential. Lijst STERK will therefore work to provide space and fair rewards for students who work for social benefit, broadening of education and their own development.

Key points in a row:

  • Better facilitation;
  • Fair rewards.


International students: you see them more and more, but do these internationals have the same experience of student life as Dutch students? It is important that every student is treated equally, including the international student. Not only professionally, but also socially. So that every student has an equal chance to get the best out of themselves.

Key points in a row:

  • Fair housing; 
  • Socially active community.

Healthy Hanze UAS

Lijst STERK will strive to create awareness about the theme of “healthy study environment”. Currently, this is a subject that is still in the background within Hanze studies or is even not addressed. The Sustainable Development Goals could, for example, be more prominent within the Hanze Institutes. In addition, Lijst STERK wants the Hanze to offer more diversity in healthy options in the canteens and to take into account broader options in the canteen. Currently, among other things, few vegan or gluten-free options are offered, which does not limit a group of students.

Key points in a row:

  • Inclusive canteen offerings;
  • Lower prices.

Inclusive education

Everyone has an equal right to education. Inclusive education is accessible to all students studying at the Hanze. It is important to create an educational climate where all students can develop to their full potential. In addition, students should develop themselves in a familiar environment. Lijst STERK wants to work towards this in the coming year.

Lijst STERK finds the subject of inclusion very important. To do justice to this topic, all decisions you make should consider how inclusive and diverse it is. Because of this, the topic of inclusion has common ground with all our previous positions, and we as Lijst STERK have included this topic in our positions.

Key points in a row:

  • Inclusive educational climate; 
  • Gender-neutral toilets and cosy corners.

Communication within Hanze UAS

The past few years have shown that there is a lot going on among students and that there are many problems that need to be solved. Some of these possible solutions have been mentioned earlier in this election program. It is important that these possibilities, when they exist, are also well communicated to the students. It is also important that the discussion is held as much as possible with students both inside and outside the representative council and that these possibilities are made known.

Key points in a row:

  • Good cooperation between students and staff;
  • Recognition and visibility of the participation.